ZAKHAROV g. alexander

ZAKHAROV g. alexander


Alexander G. Zakharov - euphoria of melancholy

"Thinking is dishonest. Feelings are true. I just want to allow the truth to come out of me, because what is in me is my truth, and it only remains honest and true if I release it unchanged over my arm, over the brush or the scraper in my hand onto the canvas. The figures and landscapes which reach my sheet or canvas through the paint are not these or those people, these or those landscapes or cities, these or those beings, animals or plants, they are the images of the primary idea of these, they are in me and are reborn through my paint. From time to time I take them out of me and bring them to the picture, give them life in pictures. I can do it, because their form is in me. I want to paint these archetypes, I want to paint them in me and out of me - the world as it was once roofed. And this is the only way I can get to myself, to my feeling of this world."

© cited from the talk with Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Kufferath von Kendenich, Zurich, October 1999

1957 born in Kiev (UdSSR), lives and works in Münster
since 2017 Cooperation with the gallery FLOX
1997 Award Winner (1st Prize) Society of illustrators, New York
since 1997 Membership in Print Club of New York, Member of Youth Department of Artists Union Moskau
1994 Artist in Residence, Brandywine Workshop Philadelphia
2005 Moves to Germany / Münster
since 1996 Cooperation with numerous international galleries e.g. in Paris, New York, Zurich, Brugg etc.
since 1990 Freelance artist
1985 - 1990 Stage painter at the Ukrainian Theatre Kiev
1980 - 1982 Studies Academy of Fine Arts Kiev
1975 - 1980 Studied biology in Moscow
Exhibitions (Solo and Group)

Exhibitions (Solo and Group)

2019 "Eine Winterreise/ A winter journey": Galerie FLOX, Dresden, Germany
2016 Solo Gallery FLOX, Kirschau, Germany
2014 „Erotischer Sinneswandel/Erotic change of mind“: Rudifredlinkegalerie, Münster, Germany
2012 New Works: Galerie van Almsick, Gronau-Epe, Germany
2011 New Works: Galerie Palz, Saarlouis, Germany
2009 Galerie Joy, Zurich Switzerland
2009 Gallery Figure, Paris/France
2009 Opera Gallery, Seoul/Korea
2009 Mimi Ferzt Gallery, New York, U.S.A.
2008 Painting & Photography, Ru Arts Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2007 Paintings and Watercolors, Mimi Ferzt Gallery, New York, U.S.A.
2007 Reflection of Reality, Museum of Contemporary Art, Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S.A.
2020 „PORTFOLIO 20/I“, Gallery FLOX, Dresden, Germany
2014 International Artists: Rudifredlinkegalerie, Münster, Germany
2012 Opera Gallery, Singapur
2010 Opera Gallery, Singapur