algorythmatrix / SWYSEN mark (oom installation, light object, graphic)

07 September - 03 November 2018

In his work Mark Swysen (*1965, Hasselt/BE) investigates human behaviour. The reason for these analyses may be his scientific training, that he views the subject from different angles and combines psychology and genetics with sociology, philosophy, religion or history. The artist takes the liberty to use any material, object, technology or phenomenon as a tool. Light is - besides movement and sound - one of his preferred media because of its intended but above all its subcutaneous influence on the human brain. The swirling garbage conglomerate in the Pacific Ocean - one of five huge ocean litter spots - contains 80,000 tons of plastic and is a floating garbage dump, 50 times the size of Belgium. Recent studies show that even our drinking water in plastic bottles is contaminated by microplastics. The installation "Algorythmatrix of Possibilities for Post-anthropocene Plastiglomerate Life" offers a preview into an undefined future, which possibilities for the further development of life present themselves. An open, walk-in matrix constructed of aluminium bars and transparent acrylic sheets represents an undefined system but opens up the possibility of calculating algorithms. Beamers project a continuous algorithmic flow of genetic codes onto the acrylic sheets. The sound of a calm heartbeat comforts the audience. Under a transparent acrylic hemisphere, numerous empty PET bottles hang down and float like an oversized jellyfish-like organism in the middle of the matrix. The tentacles resemble the Medusozoa, the oldest multi-organ animal species living in the plastic waste of our oceans. An electrically driven motor slowly rotates the tentacles in a DNA helix-like motion. Human life - the audience and its mirrored reflection - is present next to new life that develops from the polycarbonate thermoplastic waste of humans.

Introduction: Andrea Hilger / Dresden + Artist interview: Hellfried Christoph / Dresden + Framing: Audio installation Mark Swysen / Antwerpen