DEKERN – pictorial anarchy

„Art is free“, - says DEKERN. In doing so, the artist, still carrying the spirit of youthful revolt and signalising constant departure, gives others and himself the space for creative work that seems to know no limits and rules. Imagery of DEKERN is defiant, provocative, naive, amateurish and demonstratively inappropriate. Using a mixed colour technique with spray cans, brushes, pens and ink he has created an intuitive style, close to Street-art and comics because of his spontaneously applied words, scraps of words or puns. Similar comparisons to Jean-Michel Basquiat are obvious and can be drawn, although DEKERN has never been accepting him as a comparison or a role model.

DEKERN calls himself „To-Do-Ist“. He is convinced that constant creative work in combination with great diligence leads to artistic breaks and opens up new mode of expression. He is sure, that what he has seen inevitably goes into his own creative works. Constant experiments and discarding characterize his night sessions in the studio in the house on the little Spree. A sign of such breaks are the usage of any kind of surface for painting. They can be C-prints of his famous uncle, old cupboard or house doors, cardboard boxes found by chance, wallpaper or even entire paintings bygone times.

Occasionally he turns away from two-demensionality towards the third demension. The artist creates sculptures and objects of a rough nature which attract powerfully viewer´s attention. In his own way, non-instructive, serious and at the same time provided with humour, he reproduces everyday ambient noises and impressions as well as traumas that seem to have occured long ago. If his artistic language moves away from punk and rock and is also presented in more reduced way, his works are emerged with a pleasant new degree of maturity. DEKERN´s anarchic way of working seems to be just a stopover – right?

© Hellfried Christoph (with quotes from NSC 2015), Kirschau, February 2017

1970 born, lives and works in Niedergurig not far from Bautzen
since 2016 Cooperation with the gallery FLOX
2015 Beginning of the performance project „CRASHED EYES“ with Nowak von Silbermond, Bautzen
2013/2014 Getting to know the rock band Silly, pictures for songs from the album „Alles Rot“, concert of the band and the exhibition with the auction at Postbahnhof Berlin
2011 Complete dismantling of the exhibition with 70 works in the gallery Forsten-Straße, Dresden, ban by the house owner - „too brutal“, - BILD reported
2010 Acquintance with Christian Awe, first spray pictures
2004-2010 Advertising agency and own studio near Bautzen
2008 Acquintance with Jonathan Meese and visiting his studio in Berlin, work in Malta, working with sandstone
2007 Very inspiring meeting with Julian Schnabel at the exhibition in Derneburg castle
2002-2003 Training as a media designer spec. Media design, first chainsaw work, wood sculptures
1999-2000 Work as a ceramist in an Upper Lusatian pottery, pictures and sculptures made of clay, getting to know the painter friend Wieland Richter aus Dresden
1992-1999 Basic military service in Brandenburg, murals in the barracks area, worker in renovation of old buildings
1989-1992 Abandoned high school diploma, training as a construction worker, technical college studies, oil paintings
31.07.1988 Serious traffic accident, five days coma, severe fractures on both legs, bedridden for six month, drawings and sketches
Exhibitions (Solo and Group)
since 2010 including Bautzen, Berlin, Bettembourg, Bischofswerda, Dresden, Kamenz, Gegenbach, Hanover, Innsbruck, Kirschau, Leipzig, Rapperswill