Steffi Deparade-Becker – „Soul guide“

„The drawings of Steffi Deparade-Becker aren‘t all in all statements about colour, structure, contrast, what would mean to be occupied solely with an interaction of colours. But they involve a native dialogue into the image, which is the unique and the subjective one, that includes always history and therefore time. A time, which isn‘t an objective one, but just a personal record, in which colours are conjoining with an experience so having a particular shade uneasy to regain inside of the chromatic circle. In favour of the unique and personal experience including its history, the chromatic circle will be to be substituted by a very different one, in which the continuation of colours and shades won‘t be anymore a thing of their visual quality, but to be read as a consequence of personal decisions. And there‘ll be a stay inside of a picture, in which the moment is taking colours extending itself  to a period, dissolving at the same time transparently and unfolding thus its soft magic.“

cited from Ursula Meyer-Rogge (Hamburg), art historian


1954 born in Halle /Saale, lives and works in Dresden
since 2020 Cooperation with the gallery FLOX and permanent presence in the exhibition of the gallery
1995-2010 Teaching at universities in Dresden and Zittau - Artistic basics
1995 Relocation to Dresden and since then studio in Dresden
1990-94 Employee of the Cultural Office of the City of Halle
1988/89 Application for "permanent departure from the GDR", no permission until reunification and exhibition ban
since 1981 Freelance work as painter - studio in Halle/Saale
1980 Diplom
1974-1980 Studied painting at the Burg Giebichenstein Academy of Art in Halle
1972 Abitur am der August-Herrmann-Francke-Oberschule in Halle/Saale
Exhibitions (Solo and Group), Fairs
2016 Art Karlsruhe, Gallery Klinger
2018 Gallery#23, Essen Velbert
2016 Gallery Lehner, Vienna
  artfeingallery, Berlin
2015 Gallery Zaglmaier, Halle/Saale
2014 Gallery Klinger, Dresden/Liegau-Augustusbad
  Gallery Per-Seh, Hannover
2013 Gallery Lehner, Vienna
2012 Gallery Felix, Dresden
2011 Gallery Beck, Saarbrücken/Homburg
2009 Artseefeld-Gallery, Zürich
2006 Gallery at the Kronshof, Schwerin/Lübstorf
2004 Gallery Lichtblick, Berlin
2003 Gallery Beyer, Dresden
2001 NetArt -Gallery, Dresden
2000 Gallery Rosenkranz, Chemnitz
1999 Gallerye Ute Mronz, Cologne
1992 Castle-Gallery, Roth/Nürnberg
1988 Mansfeld-Gallery, Mansfeld
1987 Gallery at the Moritzbastei, Leipzig
1985 Gallery Art of the time, Halle/Saale
1983 Gallery Ernst Heckel, Merseburg
2016 "Urban Impressions" House of Modern Art -Stauffen
2014 "Magic of the City" Urbanity in the Mirror of Painting, Galerie Lehner, Vienna
2013 "Dresden Women Artists" K.W. e.V., Güthersloh District House
  "Winter Pictures" Gallery Nütt, Dresden
  "Wet in Wet" 15 Dresden Women Artists, Gallery Three, Dresden
2012 "Cityscapes", Schloss Wiligrat e.V., KV Lübstorf/Schwerin
2011 "4 Artists", Gallery per-seh, Hannover
2009 Dresden, Neuer Sächsischer Kunstverein e.V.
2008 "Dresden Women Artists", Municipal Gallery, Wroclaw
2007 Gallery Pigmento, Luzern
2002 Gallery Weilinger, Salzburg
1997 Gallery at the Magazin, Dresden
1994 Art-Show Sachsen-Anhalt, Halle/Saale
1992 "6 Young Artists", Gallery DAA, Schkopau
1990 "Artist Portraits", at the Ephraimpalais , Berlin
  International Art exhibition, Freiburg/Br.
1987 Gallery at the Straußberger Platz, Berlin
1986 District Art Exhibition, Halle/Saale
1984 "Young Artists of the GDR", National Gallery in the Old Museum, Berlin
  "Atelier I“, Gallery Roter Turm, Halle7Saale