GÄBLER karen


Karen Gäbler - Figurative invention, painted illusion

One might wonder whether in Karen Gäbler's case the impressions she experiences from works of art change her view of reality, or whether experiences in the here and now remind her of painted pictures from the past and then lead to these amazing encounters in the painting? Maybe that is what touches us about her paintings: Figurative works, recognisable in every detail, painted with technical perfection, but still not to be understood as a simple, painterly image of the world, but as an illusion full of magic. A contrast of levels and times or the unity of opposites? Pictures as images within the picture or montage of the taken over individual: A new work is always created, real and unreal at the same time. Impressive technical skill meets pop culture and expressive dance, meets late Gothic, meets Renaissance and Baroque and Surrealism.

(Author: Harald Marx, Dresden / translted with deepL pro)

1975 born in Dresden / lives and works in the same city
since 2020 Cooperation with the gallery FLOX and permanent presence in the exhibition there
2014 Inclusion in the Artists' Association Dresden
1998-2003 Study of Fine Arts, HfBK Dresden
Exhibitions (Solo and Group)
2019 Villa Eschebach Dresden
2018 Kunstraum Pillnitz, Dresden
2017 Galerie am Damm Dresden
2016 Medienkulturhaus Dresden
2014 Galerie Grafikladen Dresden
2010 Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig
2018 OSTRALE Valetta, Malta
2018 "Ouverture" Galerie Antonstadt Dresden
2017 OSTRALE Dresden
2017 "Opus aquanett" Wissenschaftshafen Magdeburg
2017 "Horror vacui" Produzenten Galerie, Wallgäßchen Dresden
2015 Altes Wettbüro Dresden with Julius Georgi