GLINEUR francois


Francois Glineur - between Comics and Classical Painting

François Glineur often refers to masterpieces of art history. Insatiably curious to discover new ways, he likes to amaze. He always succeeds in creating a kind of tension in his painting, whether through a conflict between phantasm and reality, fear and harmony, or through a fusion of the countless references from art history, street art, comics and classical painting. His figures draw on narrative figuration (Combas, Di Rosa, Guyomard) and comics (Hergé, Moebius, Edikafrom). With bold, exuberant brushstrokes and expansive colours, he weaves a captivating narrative painting in which the imaginary and the truth cross-fertilise to reveal a hidden surprise that does not reveal itself at first glance. His paintings are windows and gates that open onto wonderful and magical places, sometimes cruel but always enchanting - an escape into an infinitely expandable space that knows neither time nor borders because it has its roots in the miraculous. Passion, cunning, love that survives death, betrayal, heroism, everything that dispels, delights and nourishes is there, just let yourself be carried away.

© Francois Glineur, Amiens, August 2020


1973 born, lives and works in Amiens, France
since 2021 Cooperation with the gallery FLOX and permanent presence in the exhibition of the gallery
1993-1998 Diplom National Supérieur d'Expression Plastique Option Design - Ecole supérieure d'Art et de Design (E.S.A.D.), Amiens, Frankreichthere
Exhibitions (Solo and Group)
2018 "Paintings and drawings" Gallery L'imprimerie, Amiens, France
2016 "Les Métamorphoses d’Ovide" Gallery Dufois, Paris, France
2015 "Paintings of François Glineur" Gallery Phi2, Villamblard, France
2014 "Circonvolutions" Gallery Dufois, Senlis, France
2013 Gallery of Cutural Center of Soissons, France
2012 Gallery Fernandes, Paris, France
2011 Gallery Evelyne Heno, Paris, France
2010 Gallery Esad, Amiens, France
2008 Gallery Christine Phal, Paris, France
2004 Gallery Le Guevel Frédéric, Saint Brieuc. France
2003 Gallery Daeppen, Bâle, Swisse
2020 Gallery Dodet, Toulouse, France
2019 "Animal", Gallery Ricardo Fernandes, Paris, France
2017 "L'orée Fertile", Gallery Autres Caps, Beuvrequen, France
2016 "Dialogue", Gallery Dufois, Paris, France
2015 "Collectif03", Gallery Dufois, Senlis, France
2013 "Collectif01", Gallery Dufois, Senlis, France
2009 "Live in Picardie", Musée Arsenal, Soissons, France
2008 Monos Art Gallery, Liège, Belgium
2007 "C'est mon tableau” Gallery Christine Phal, Paris. France
2006 "Queer”, Gallery Daeppen, Swisse
2003 "Small”, Gallery Daeppen, Swisse
2002 "Obsession”, Gallery Daeppen, Bâle, Swisse