Henri Deparade - parallelism between space and man

Henri Deparade's colour compositions are decentralized, multicenter spaces, not limited but open to all sides, excerpts of a comprehensive larger, which in harmoniously tuned movement not only penetrates the human figure, insofar as it is physically spatialized, but also contains it in an overall context. The figures thus become light, dematerialized, almost floating. Foreground and background merge into one another, creating differentiated spatial layers.

The narrative structure is dissolved in favor of an associative freedom, time and space axes are relativized. There is an expansion of content in the painterly form of realisation; thus the weight shifts from the "sense of reality" to the "sense of possibility". ... This is not contradicted by the picture titles, which Deparade often borrows from Greek mythology. He transfers those events into general situations.

© based on the text by Prof. Dr. Rainer Beck, professor for general art history at the HfbK Dresden, Dresden,  25.04.2008

1951 born in Halle/Saale, lives and works in Dresden
since 2020 Cooperation with the gallery FLOX
2004 Commission from the International Monetary Fund in Washington "Portrait of Prof. Horst Köhler" (Federal President)
1984 Prize for painting of the exhibition "Young Art" in Alten Museum Berlin
since 1992 Professor of Drawing and Painting or Basics of Elementary Design at the HTW Dresden
1991/1992 Senior assistant at the University of Art and Design in Halle "Burg Giebichenstein
1988/1989 Application for permanent departure from the GDR
1983-1985 Master student at the Academy of Arts under Willi Sitte
1972-1977 Study at the University of Art and Design Halle "Burg Giebichenstein" in the faculty of painting and graphic arts, graduation diploma
Exhibitions (Solo and Group), Fairs, Art Festivals
2017 OSTRALE Biennale, Dresden, Germany
2018 "Valetta Visual Arts Festival", La Valetta, Malta
2019 WIKAM (ART FAIR in the Palace Ferstell), Vienna, Austria
2016 ART FAIR Hofburg, Vienna, Austria
2015 ART KARLSRUHE, Karlsruhe, Germany
2014 ART ANTIQUE Hofburg, Vienna, Austria
2014 ART KARLSRUHE, Karlsruhe, Germany
2013 ART ANTIQUE Hofburg, Vienna, Austria
2012 ART KARLSRUHE, Karlsruhe, Germany
2011 WIKAM (ART FAIR in the Palace Ferstell), Vienna, Austria
2010 CIGE-ART FAIR, Beijing, China
2009 ART EXPO, Mumbai, India
2019 Gallery Weise, Chemnitz, Germany
2019 Gallery Lehner, Vinna, Austria
2018 Gallery Stevermüer, Velbert-Langenberg, Germany
2017 Artfein Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2016 "Villa Najork"-Dpendance Gallery LandskronSchneidzik, Leipzig, Germany
2015 Haus der Modernen Kunst/House of Contemporary Art, Staufen, Germany
2015 Gallery LandskronSchneidzik, Nuremberg, Germany
2014 Gallery OBEN, Chemnitz, Germany
2013 Gallery Hegemann, Munich, Germany
2018 Gallery Talstrasse "Sittes Meisterschüler/Sitte's Master Pupils", Halle, Germany
2013 "Bildersuchdurchlauf Ostmoderne/Image search run ostmodern" Art Museum DKW, Cottbus, Germany
2013 "Bildersuchdurchlauf Ostmoderne/Image search run ostmodern" Arthall Passarelle, Brest, France