HERENDA mirsad


Mirsad Herenda - Trees of life and more.

"What's more important to you: the process or the end product?" "At this point in my life, the process is important to me. It's almost as if I'm in some kind of sexual arousal. That's how I would describe it when it comes to the process of my work. The result can be repulsive and at the same time I can feel love for that piece. It can be that when I finish a piece of work, I feel a very unpleasant feeling. Then I keep it in a place where I can't see it, covered with a blanket, it may just stand in the corner for half a year. Very few people want to know how the working process works. But many people come to my studio to see my work and many of them have an emotional connection to it. But I also feel that a lot of people today don't find it easy to show and have feelings."

"What it means to you to be famous?" "What it means to be famous? For a long time I thought that money didn't matter in life. But I had to understand that money is something that gives us freedom and is related to many other things. I never thought about fame, for me it was only necessary to be able to realize the ideas and dreams I had. For me, the word fame is very strange. Fame means to make a show. But I am not a showman, I am not an actor. I do what I have to do. I didn't choose the path of the artist, the path chose me."

Author/Interviewer: Janine Ahmann

With his sculptures he evokes highly poetic atmospheres in which the simultaneity of nature, vulnerability and cruelty comes to the fore: fine moss and steel braiding, the dramatic moment of a fleeing goat, a gently blowing wind on the sheets of molten metal.Mirsad Herenda's artworks evoke poetic atmospheres in which vulnerability and cruelty are expressed. His pieces are decorated with fine moss and steel braids, which give the impression that the wind is gently blowing on the metal.


1967 born in Gorazde, Bosnien-Herzegowina
seit 2022 Collaboration with Gallery FLOX
seit 2007 Freelance artist in his own studio in Bremen
2010 Andreas Prize winner, exhibition "Nature - Man"
2007-2011 Studied fine arts with Prof. B. Altenstein and Prof. F. Hörnschemeyer at the HfK, Bremen, graduating with a diploma, then master student with Prof. F. Hörnschemeyer
2006 Guest studies with Prof. B. Altenstein at the University of the Arts, Bremen
1996-2002 Studied sculpture at the HfK Sarajevo
Exhibitions (Solo and Group)
2023 "Eisenzeiten", Gallery Alte Rathaus Worpswede
2022 "stil _ bewegt", art forum Oldenburg
2021 "Gunst und Gabe", Gallery Subject Object Berlin
  "Kunst:Voll vernetzt", Villa Sponte Bremen
2020 "Phänomenal Floral", Artspace Graefelfing – München
2019 Gallery Montmartre, Paris
  "Made OF Steel", Gallery Benjamin Eck München
2018 "Aus der Wunderkammer", Gallery am Stall , Hude
2017 "Stürmische Zeiten", Gallery Gerlach , Sottrum
2016 "Tracce", Gallery Bianca Maria Rizzi, Milano, Italien
2014 „lakoje sad Pricati“ Gallery Roman Petrovic, Sarajevo BiH
2013 Gallery Filser & Gräf, München
2011 Gallery Fuhrmann, München
2010 "Global Minds", Gallery Atelier 21, Aachen
2009 Gallery Bernack, Worpswede
2021 “Opus in Artem In Itinere I – Arte Kunst Val Taro“, Bedonia/Parma, Italien
  "Zwei Positionen", Gallery Wildes Weis Bremen
2020 “Radici“, Opus in Artem im Castello di Compiano, Italien
2015 „Der nackte Menschen“ Gallery Subject – Object, Berlin
2012 „Junge Kunst im Bundesumweltministerium“ BMU, Bonn
1997 Gallery „Collegium artisticum“, Sarajevo