Jörn Diederichs - "The detour is the real way"


Jörn Diederich's painting is based on an intensive analysis of the setting patterns of colour spots. During his undergraduate studies with Prof. Siegfried Klotz, a master of his discipline, he became acquainted with this approach, the essential basis of which is the fanning out of colour tones and surfaces, independent of what a picture should represent or embody. In this way he interlocks small areas placed side by side into tension-laden colour spaces, which he builds up over several painting levels. This includes the constant reworking, sometimes even destruction of already "finished" elements in favour of a picture as a whole. By means of polyperspective and developed distances in the relationship of larger and smaller spatial elements, he effectively spans the pictorial space with his representational painting, whose colour rhythm allows new effects to emerge in that point beyond the object.

© Dr. Frank Schmidt, Dresden, 2017

1969 born in Bremen, lives and works in Dresden
since 2014 Cooperation with the gallery FLOX
since 2013 Aritst in Residence
Technical University Dresden
since 2011 International plein-air in Otto Niemeyer-Holstein's studio Island Usedom
since 2012 Master student Prof. Ralf Kerbach Academy of fine arts Dresden
2010 Diploma - Painting/graphics at the Academy of fine arts Dresden
1995-2000 Studied at the Dresden University of Fine Arts. Painting/graphics with Prof. Siegfried Klotz (painting) and Prof. Elke Hopfe (drawing - body/space). Then specialized class with Prof. Ralf Kerbach (ink drawing). Later on, specialist class for comprehensive artistic work with Prof. Ulrike Grossarth with installations, conceptual and above all performative approaches. Development of "subjects of study" (performance)
1991-1995 Studied art and German teaching profession at the University of Oldenburg. Figurative painting and drawing with Doz. Doris Garduhn
Exhibitions (Solo and Group)
2018 "Transfair" - Galerie FLOX, Dresden
2017 "Dresden ... up and down" - Oberlandesgericht/Higher Regional Court, Dresden
2015 "Dresdner Plätze - Platz für Alle / Dresden squares - space for all", Dreikönigskirche/Church of the Three Kings, Dresden
2014 "Chromoxydgrün feurig/fiery chrome oxide green" Barockschloss/Baroque Palace Neschwitz
2014 "o.T." - Gallery Juergensen, Oetjendorf
2014 "Akademisches Viertel/academic quarter" - AltanaGallery Technical University, Dresden
2012 "Farbwege/ ways of the colour" - District museum, Syke
2008 "Schwarz bewegt Weiß/black moves white" - Cultural Centre Gallery, Oldenburg
2007 "Landraum/Country area" - Gallery Post 2 (Zander Kasten), Dresden
2017 "Tabu und Bruch/taboo and breach" - Gallery FLOXfacory, Kirschau
2014 "HH-DD" - AltanaGallery Technical University, Dresden
2010 "Dresden" - City Hall, Dresden
2009 "Wohnen/reside" - City Hall, Dresden
2008 "Elbbogen/Arch of the Elbe River", Lingner Castle, Gallery Chr. Horschik, Dresden
2005 "Divers/Various" - ART HALL art'otels, Dresden
2001 "Fünf/Five" - ART HALL art'otels, Dresden
2001 "insgesamtgrün/altogether green" - ALBERTINUM, Dresden
1999 "subjects of study", Vienna Festival