flores y mujeres or the world is fucked - make the best of it / LUST erika (painting, drawing, installation)

21 February - 4 April 2020 / Extension until 3 May

The world is fucked - cheated and blamed. Confessional inflation terrorizes thinking to the point of self-censorship, and some words become a test of courage if it doesn't fit the pattern of the impeccably democratic good guy.
Erika Lust provokes - sometimes energetically, sometimes ironically - with her female figures and puts them into dialogue: modern women between power pose and sensuality, armed with highly erotic, but also militant attributes, are confronted with the women of the Renaissance - with horn-rimmed caps or bonnets, from the epoch when the man discovered the woman and she discovered herself. The "mujeres" are perpetrators in the best sense - out of power, intelligence, intuition and emotion. The "flores", on the other hand, are freed from social implications, are aesthetic, beautiful and timeless. The admiration is equally for women and flowers - although in very different ways and for opposite reasons.
This freedom to show conditions, to express thoughts and to ask for values is the actual theme of the show. One can only sound out the limits of reasonableness by bumping into them. Freedom of art is a good, an uncomfortable and undemocratic good, and a great value in itself, not only for an artist from the distant Kazakhstan (Asia Minor).
© Dr. Tina Simon / Publicist / Leipzig (November 2019)

Introduction: Dr. Tina Simon / Publicist / Leipzig + Performance / Reading: Cornelia Grotsch / Actress / Freiberg + Music: Tino Zetzsche / Guitar / Dresden