nachtHELL / REITSPERGER otto (photography) and KALLWEIT nando (sculpture)

30 November 2019 - 11 January 2020

The title "nachtHELL" used for this exhibition is formed from two very common words and, as a composition, does justice to the work of both the photographer and the sculptor. Both of the exhibiting artists, Otto Reitsperger, who was born in Salzburg and lives in Leipzig and Berlin, and the sculptor Nando Kallweit from Badow near Schwerin, pursue this theme, each in his own unique way. It is an exhibition of two artists and art styles that could hardly be more different.
On the one hand Otto Reistperger with his self-contained, long-term exposed photographs reminiscent of painting - his gentle, quiet narrative style, his consistent 1/3 by 2/3 continuous horizon lines - pure realism and abstraction at the same time. To achieve this, the artist travelled around the world in the magic moonlight to prove that everything is a world after all. Otto Reistperger studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and later at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig.
On the other hand, Nando Kallweit is the artistic antithesis. With his bronze sculptures and blackened oak sculptures, he provides the exhibition with exactly the tension which it needs in its unmistakable classical aesthetics. Through the inevitable three-dimensionality, the photos are virtually visited. The figures themselves are always very concrete, without being obtrusive, are there and at the same time subordinate themselves. Kallweit is a gifted autodidact and is present worldwide with his own exhibitions and at art fairs, for example in New York, Los Angeles, London and Cannes. He has created several works especially for the 38th special exhibition in the FLOX Gallery and will be shown for the first time in Dresden. With this exhibition, a long-lasting and successful cooperation between the gallery and the artist continues.
© Hellfried Christoph (August 2019)

Introductions/ Interview: Helllfried Christoph (Gallery FLOX) + Musical accompaniment: Sarah Christ / harp (solo harpist, Dresden)