palimpsest / DEPARADE henri (painting)

3 September - 16 October 2021

Henri Deparade's colour compositions are decentralized, multicenter spaces, not limited but open to all sides, excerpts of a comprehensive larger, which in harmoniously tuned movement not only penetrates the human figure, insofar as it is physically spatialized, but also contains it in an overall context. The figures thus become light, dematerialized, almost floating. Foreground and background merge into one another, creating differentiated spatial layers.

The narrative structure is dissolved in favor of an associative freedom, time and space axes are relativized. There is an expansion of content in the painterly form of realisation; thus the weight shifts from the "sense of reality" to the "sense of possibility". ... This is not contradicted by the picture titles, which Deparade often borrows from Greek mythology. He transfers those events into general situations.

© based on the text by Prof. Dr. Rainer Beck, professor for general art history at the HfbK Dresden, Dresden,  25.04.2008