POPELLA stephan


Stephan Popella - ironical realism

Popella´s precise documentary work in physical and psychological realism attempts to irritate the viewer: by means of detailed visualisation of appalling wounds, by ridiculing historical grandeur in the visual motif or by even shifting the contexts in the composition itself. Mostly, the content already is indicated in the work title and conveys the ambiguous references to an intrinsic imagery. ...
Citations oscillate and echo in between the unsparing depictions of the Modern Realists up to ideological painting and their aim to legitimate the heads of state. The latter, Popella questions with trenchant wit. ...
The painting focuses on a shift in context of usual viewing habits to inspire the spectator to examine our everyday seeing and to sharpen the contemplator's senses. Popella operates without any political position or instrumenting accuses. He holds a depicting perspective to guide the recipient in the midst of abundances of interpreting possibilities and cited correlations to help creating their own version of the visual content.

© Katrin D. Herold M.A., June 2014

1980 born in Bautzen, lives and works in Dresden
seit 2004 Cooperation with the gallery FLOX
2012 Award of the Klosterneuburg Monastery as part of the St. Leopold Peace Prize
1999 - 2002 studied history, philosophy and art history in Dresden
2002 - 2005 Studies for furniture and interior design in Dresden
2006 - 2008 Design engineer in the automobile industry (caravan)
2011 Co-initiator of the Krautwald art and culture factory
Exhibitions (Solo and Group), Fairs
2014 KIAF Seoul
2015 Cologne Liste
2016 Art Fair Colgne
2019/2020 Art Karlsruhe
since 2011 Bautzen, Berlin, Breslau, Budapest, Chemnitz, Detmold, Dresden, Görlitz, Innsbruck, Kaaden, Karlsruhe, Kirschau, Köln, Kraliky, Landek, Löbau, Lübeck, Ludwigsburg, Magdeburg, Seoul, Wien