portfolio 20/I artists of the gallery & guests

17 January - 15 February 2020

ALBERT peter (DE) • AVRAM anamaria (RO) • CHRISTOPH kathrin (DE) • DEKERN (DE) • DEPARADE henri (DE) • DIEDERICHS jörn (DE) • GEYER thomas (DE) • GILLE sighard (DE) • JURK k. nina (DE) • KALLWEIT nando (DE) • POPELLA stephan (DE) • PORCU sandro (IT) • SWYSEN mark (BE) • TIEPELMANN johannes (DE) • VOERKEL hendrik (DE) • WOHLFARTH tina (DE) • ZAKHAROV g. alexander (DE)

Between the special exhibitions we present the artists which we represent as well as guest positions with new and/or typical works. We introduce paintings, graphics, sculptures and objects. Sometimes very contradictory art works are placed in a spatial context, thus creating a tension in terms of content. This gives the viewer freedom of association, possibilities for the next intellectual steps.