Oskar Staudinger – gates to a distant, unreachable world

The graduate artist Oskar Staudinger creates unusual artworks, inspired by the size of the Japanese woodblock prints. The pictures go immediately from the mind to the hand, without any namby-pamby non-sense [...]

He dislikes elaborate IKEA building instructions. [...] Instinctively, as in automatic writing, stroke by stroke, bizarre worlds emerge. The artist's ambidexterity is also unusual and, as he often emphasises, he always uses it when he is under pressure. They are windows into a bizarre world full of naked or unusual creatures.

Edward Gorey, The Pre-Raphaelites and John Currin are among his favourite artists. [...] He sketched and scribbled to pass the time behind the rehearsal stages of opera houses when his father took him to work. [...] His role as a GDR dissident was omitted because he was not born until 1989. Coming from the media industry, Staudinger already put his illustrative skills to artistic use during his professional training. [...]

Later Staudinger studied at the Dresden Art Academy. In order to finance his tuition fees, he made a living as a nude model for other students, which in turn shaped his art[...] The death of his father at the beginning of his studies burned itself deeply into his mind and rounded off his art, for themes such as death and mortality are at the main themes of his work; he plays this range of themes without, however, falling into self-pity.

© Excerpts from: Speech for a future funeral (edited and abridged by Oskar Staudinger) by Astrid Kora Negus, Dresden, November 2017

1989 born in Frankfurt&/Oder, he lives and works in Dresden
since 2021 Cooperation with the gallery FLOX
2013-2018 University of Fine Arts (HfbK) Dresden, degree Diploma grade 1.0
2009-2013 ESB Medienkollage Dresden, graduated as a design assistantr
Exhibitions (Solo and Group), Fairs, Collections
  private collections
2020 Wintersalon, Gallery Kunst & Eros, Dresden
2020 "6 x sex", Ehrenberg Riding Estate
2019 Sommersalon, Gallery Kunst & Eros, Dresden
2019 Exhibition on the Heinrich Zille Prize, Gallery der Komischen Meister Dresden/Radeburg
2019 "i'm laughing myself to death" House of Encounter, Leipzig
2018 Diploma exhibition HfbK, Dresden
2018 Sommersalon, Gallery Kunst & Eros, Dresden
2017 Wintersalon, Gallery Kunst & Eros, Dresden