the next step – Der nächste Schritt/ Opening exhibition Gallery FLOX Dresden (painting, graphic, object, sculpture)

11 November 2017 - 27 Januar 2018

DEKERN (DE), HAUPTVOGEL frank (DE), LEWIS steve (US), POPELLA stephan (DE), PORCU sandro (IT), GLÖSS tom  (DE), TCHERNY alexej  (UA), WEILE r. poul  (DK), WEINIG roman (DE), ZAKHAROV g. alexander (RU), ZHI wu  (CN)

The first exhibition in the new rooms of the state capital is entitled "The next step". It is the thematic bracket of an exhibition that raises questions and plays with contrasts, both in terms of content and style. On display are paintings, graphics, drawings, sculptures and objects. The artists' sometimes very contrasting works are placed in a spatial context and create a tension in terms of content. In this way, the viewer is given freedom of association and is invited to take the next intellectual step.

Introduction: Holger John / Dresden + Music: Johanna Sumerer /piano and Lars Födich / double bass / booth Dresden