TORRANO ainara


Ainara Torrano – The beauty in between

"When I look at her works, a very peculiar calm sets in. I permanently have the pleasant feeling of seeing scenes that are far away and familiar to me, very similar to déjà vu". Ainara Torrano consciously chooses her subject matter, transforms photography and what she sees into her artistic language and invites the viewer to engage with it. Anyone who avoids this will probably never fully fathom her works - the pleasure of painting is nevertheless certain for all of us. This is preceded by many questions during the painting process: composition, colourfulness, symbols. What does it take to give the painting its typical atmosphere? Again and again, the Spaniard's feeling for fine nuances of colour and details stands out.

Ainara Torrano seems to offer us help for an interpretation in the form of symbols, only to withdraw them from us at the same time. For our personal associations and experiential values tempt us to see connections and draw conclusions, perhaps to judge hastily. The artist plays with our thoughts and associations - and leaves us alone with them.

autor: Maren Marzigler 2022 (curator and art historian / Dresden)

1977 born Murcia / Spain, lives and works in Dresden
since 2022 Cooperation with the gallery FLOX
since 2014 Freelance artist
2014-2015 Graphic designer at, Dresden
2006-2013 Teacher of art in high school in Spain
2003-2013 Freelance graphic designer in Spain
2007 Goethe Certificate C1 in German, Goethe Institute in Murcia
2007 Course for Teaching Abroad, Centro de Professores y Recursos Región de Murcia
2004-2006 Graphic Designer at "Tecnoproducciones Multimedia S.L.", Molina de Segura
2002 Pedagogical Adaptation Course (CAP), Valencia
2002-2005 Course Digital Image Editing, Video and Sound Edition, Valencia
2001-2002 Erasmus scholarship at the HBK, Braunschweig
1997-2022 Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Valencia / Spain
Exhibitions (Solo and Group)
2023 "die schönheit dazwischen",
Gallery FLOX, Dresden
2023 "Geheimnisse",
Dresden Central Library
2021-2022 "(Un)gewohnt", Saxon Parliament, Dresden
2020 "Sweet indulgent fluid", with Ursula Buchart at the Kunstverein Meißen
2019 "OHNE POESIE" or "Die Schönheit, die rettet", BGW Academy, Dresden
2021-2022 Portfolio 22/I, Galerie FLOX, Dresden
2021 "Ficciones", Palacio de San Esteban, Murcia / Spanien
2020-2021 "Wintersalon", Kunstverein Meißen
2020 Jahresendausstellung "1×1=33", Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz, Dresden
2018-2019 "Erotischer Advent", Galerie Kunst & Eros, Dresden
2018 "Frauen können auch malen!", Galerie Holger John, Dresden
2018 "Vanille Zukunft", Hole of Fame, Dresden
2017 "Fremde Werte", Galerie Drei, Dresden
2017 "Willkommen", Künstlerbund Dresden