under construction / GEYER thomas (painting) and PORCU sandro (installation, object)

27 April 2019 - 29 June 2019

The paintings of Thomas Geyer and the objects of Sandro Porcu are "under construction". The artists are masters in showing and hiding in very different ways. Surface form and depth oscillate between different perceptions and interpretations. The paintings of Thomas Geyer play with the appearance of reality. On the basis of elementary nature - landscape, man and animal - the painting draws from its very own potential. Here colour and form can be observed in direct dialogue and Geyer makes this primordial law of painting conscious again. In fact, however, only the little that the permanent state of twilight reveals is actually visible on the canvases. The mystical, magical drama offers the viewer the opportunity to suspect, to concretise and to think freely.

Sandro Porcu's objects confront the unexpected: hyper-realistic human figures, deadly combined objects of utility or seemingly profane boxes with unclear contents. They do not provoke by their being like ready mades, but in their metamorphosis from object to art thing they pass through various filters; those of the absurd, humour, sadness or indignation. And each is a commentary on the status quo of the brave new world. The viewer will encounter the works of both artists with amazement and curiosity and is invited to let himself be seduced and to focus his gaze on the substance and dimension of two exciting work complexes.

Author: Dr. Tina Simon (Leipzig)

Introduction and artist interviews: Hellfried Christoph / Gallery FLOX + musik: Richard Ebert / Saxophone / Dresden