con sens us / LIEFFERTZ detlef & ZÖFFZIG robin (painting & graphic)

17 March - 22 April 2023 (extended until 29 April 2023)

Lieffertz & Zöffzig as a double - that is a jam session for two, on canvas, out of passion. It is the standards that secure the double bottom of this show; in Robin Zöffzig's case, the richly coloured oil painting, assisted by spray paint, stencil and varnish, in Detlef Lieffertz's case, print, paint, scan and fierce interventions.
Everyone brings their desire and leitmotifs, the solos jump back and forth: quotes from fairy tales and manga, from Renaissance and baroque, comic and design, from prankster pieces, hip hop, Instagram and more.
Echoes can be heard of Rauschenberg and Rosenquist on the one hand - of Immendorf and Kippenberger on the other. And one confesses to meeting Beckmann, Klinger and Dix. All this is condensed into a tantalising elixir of colour with casual political incorrectness - sometimes coincidence, sometimes calculation, sometimes at the discretion of the viewer.

"Consensus" is nothing more than an assertion - as art always is. Here it is above all the agreement to inquire in various ways and forms: about current aesthetics, about beauty and its ideal, the human body - strictly anatomical or sensually erotic, and about new possibilities to let painting grow technically beyond its limits. It is the competition for the most original finds from art history and the heroic presumption of colour.
In the background, the exploration of one's own perception also murmurs along: sorted in as representational figurative Pop Art painters, both have painted their way out again nimbly and with smart distance and irony.
The FLOX Gallery has called in two dissimilar visual artists, two generations, two different educations (at the HGB Leipzig and Burg Giebichenstein Halle) with different imprints and experiences. The result is a noisy, noisy collision.


© based on a text by Dr. Tina Simon, publicist (Leipzig), march 2023