crossover / SCHWEIGER detlef (Lavuren Lineamente Etching)

26 April - 23 June 2024 (EXTENDED until 07 July)

crossover - Detlef Schweiger allows the elements of his lavur paintings to cross over without completely covering each other, as they are painted more or less transparently. Over the last ten years, Schweiger has developed the rare technique of pure ink lavur in a new process with technical brilliance, creating a completely independent style  and world of forms that, while not figurative, is richly reminiscent of organic, tectonic and other natural structures. Schweiger's  largest solo exhibition to date will be the first comprehensive presentation of Lavur's paintings, ranging from small to large formats. The exhibition also includes a series of his award-winning large-format drypoint etchings and some of his lineament drawings. Formally, together with the lavures, there are flowing transitions and elementary connections between these three areas of work, in which the artist has also developed completely independent techniques that  have many unique features.

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