Dialogues and Contrasts / WETZEL christoph (drawings) and von KEYSERLING sorina (sculptures))

07 September 2019 - 05 October 2019

The exhibition was carried by the silence of the monochrome drawings on display, thus opening a dialogue with the sculptures in terracotta, bronze or plaster. Christoph Wetzel, the elder, known for his paintings trained on Old Masters, but also for the dome paintings in Dresden's Frauenkirche, presented exclusively drawings that sometimes trace human destinies in portraits and nudes with vehemence, sometimes with cautious empathy. Sorina von Keyserling, the younger, showed portraits and nudes in the consistent tradition of classical models, which spanned the arc from quiet austerity to excited plastic structures, and this with great emotional closeness and unperturbed by all modernist experiments. Respect for the lived life of the other also unites both artists in the dialogue between graphite and chalk with bronze and clay. Sorina von Keyserling and Christoph Wetzel are exhibiting together in Dresden for the first time in this constellation.

Introductions: Dr. Tina Simon /publicist / Leipzig  & Prof. Harald Marx /Dresden + Musical accompaniment: Katharina Müller / harp / Dresden