graphic & metal / GÜNTHER katrin, CHRISTOPH kathrin, STAUDINGER oskar, HERENDA mirsad, WOHLFARTH tina (graphic & sculpture)

28 July - 09 September 2023 / extended until 28 October 2023

It's summer! And we allow ourselves to add one more to all the sensual pleasures of this time: the enjoyment of good art! After the last two colourful exhibitions, we have planned an exciting contrast for July and August: a predominantly graphic intermezzo is in preparation.

Rare techniques, shapes, textures and working methods will be on display and the play with light and shadow, with all the nuances between black and white will be observed. From the pure line as the prime form of graphic drawing expression to streamlined objects to the sublime montage of transformed papers, the diversity of the graphic profession is present – you will be amazed at how colourful it is!

We are delighted that Professor Katrin Günther has been able to participate in this show. In their works, you will be confronted with a handwriting like you have probably never seen it before, and you will take eye walks on the large-format panoramas that are comparable to a high-mountain tour.

The participation of Mirsad Herenda with his iron objects should also cause some astonishment. Here you will encounter a working method that can transform the seemingly cumbersome material into the most delicate execution, together with the quiet reverberation of its structures as a shadow cast on the wall.

With new collages and decals Kathrin Christoph will transform her paper into material-haptic states and thus tell of heaviness and lightness. Finally, in the works of Oskar Staudinger a fine trace of irony is revealed with the classic ink on paper – from very light to very dark ...

Under the title »I don’t mind you watching me«, a selection of new works by Tina Wohlfarth can be seen in the gallery’s cabinet: in the unique combination of aquatint and mezzotint, combined with embossing techniques and paper cut, they are completed with picturesque and drawing passages – in fact there is only one such thing: in Dresden!

© based on a text by Dr. Tina Simon, publicist (Leipzig), July 2023