insights / AVRAM anamaria (painting & mixed media)

03 November 2024 - 06 January 2024

INSIGHTS - Insights. On the one hand, Anamaria Avram's new paintings and wall objects display her typical characteristics: a handwriting that comes from the tradition of detailed representationalism; hyper-realistic and microscopically precise - and above all, they are a visual adventure for the viewer. On the other hand, there are coarse, relief-like, abstract sections of color that pile up the paint material as if it had been applied with a spatula. Anamaria Avram is able to combine both harmoniously and coherently in the smallest of spaces and even on small formats.

In the INSIGHTS show, the painting is expanded into an object. Oil on canvas is sensitively complemented with textiles, cement and mixed textures. In an architectural manner, the parts of the work are superimposed, concealed, combined or joined together. The contrasting materials, such as the emphatically soft, velvety fabric and the cold hardness of the cement, deepen the sensual effect and give the utopias of the painted pictorial worlds different effects and perspectives.

INSIGHTS are glimpses into symbolic inner worlds, into nested, partly hidden fragments of space and enchanting interiors. The places remain ambivalent: Are they deserted - or in anticipation? Are you inside or outside? In a love nest or at a crime scene? Even the only living creatures in these scenes, cats and flowers, blend into the symbolic world and reveal nothing.

Anamaria Avram's closeness to the romantically mysterious and surreally absurd is wonderfully timeless and completely without the final references of enlightenment. This is a great pleasure and an ever new aesthetic experience.

© based on a text by Dr. Tina Simon, publicist (Leipzig), November 2024