Mark Swysen - algorythmatrix and more

The artist Mark Swysen questions the thought patterns of the human brain and the sociological dynamics of human coexistence from different perspectives. Psychology, genetics, sociology, religion, history and philosophy are sources of his inspiration. Mark Swysen refers to the art philosopher Arthur Danto: "Art is an embodied meaning" and that an artistic work is like an "awake dream that can be shared with others".
For the visual language of the artist, any technology, material, phenomenon or object can be considered as an instrument. In his artistic work, the artist removes everyday objects from their usual context and charges them with new levels of meaning. Because of the subcutaneous influence, light, movement and sound belong to his preferred media. The result of his deconstruction and montage questions the one-dimensionality of our perception and opens up new possibilities for interpretation.

© based on the author Dr. Helena Horn, ArtLight Magazine, August 2018

1965 born in Belgium, lives and works in Antwerp
since 2018 Cooperation with the gallery FLOX
2019 Remondis Light Award, Essen, Germany
  Studied biology at the Free University of Brussels, studied art "Master of arts & research" Sint. Lukas College of Antwerp & Hasselt (BE), working as freelance artist
Exhibitions (Solo and Group), Biennale, Art Festivals
2019 OSTRALE Biennale decentral Ausstellung @ SAP, Dresden, Germany
2017 Julianapark: Winterlicht Biennale / Winter light Biennial, Schiedam (NL)
2017 HOEHLER BIENNIAL GERA "Shadow Worlds". Gera, Germany
2017 OSTRALE BIENNALE, Dresden, Germany
2017 AQUAMEDIALE: "Faith, Love, Hope", Spreewald area (Spree Forest area), Germany
2016 Poland Mediations Biennial: "utopia", Poznan, Poland
2016 OSTRALE 016 featuring "katharsis", Dresden, Germany
2015 Twente Biennale: "metamorfose", Enschede, Netherlands
2015 Havana Biennial: "mover la escena", Havana, Cuba
2020 Welterbe Zollverein: Contemporary Art Ruhr, Essen, Germany
2019 International Photography Festival PHOTO IS:RAEL, Tel Aviv, Israel
2019 Kunstverein Tiergarten: Ortstermin Fata Morgana, Berlin, Germany
2018 Alte Bruederkirche: Dream , Kassel, Germany
2017 Botanisches Museum / Museum of Botany, Berlin, Germany
2016 Neues Kunstforum: "Derperfekte Mensch / the perfect human"", Cologne, Germany
2016 Gasthuiskapel: "der perfekte Mensch / the perfect human", Borgloon, Belgium
2019 Kunstlijn Haarlem: APLOMB, Haarlem, Netherlands
2018 Château du Bouchet: Journées EU du Patrimoine, Orleans - Dry, France
2018 NICC: selection of Flemish Artists, Antwerpen, Belgium
2016 Ruhrmuseum Flottmann-Hallen: 30 hoch , Herne, Germany