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Affordable Art Fair Berlin

11-14 April 2024 - We are looking forward to your visit / Booth C6

Artists 2024 - CASAGRANDA patrizia (DE) / urban art - CHRISTOPH kathrin (DE) / collage, graphic - GEYER thomas (DE) / painting - KALLWEIT nando (DE) / sculpture - MÜNNICH anett (DE) / painting - PORCU sandro (IT) / sculpture, graphic, object

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PETERSDORFF gudrun - Solo-Show

„zur seeh" 61. special exhibition /PETERSDORFF gudrun (painting, graphic, installation)

VIP-Preview: FRI 23 February 2024 / 8:00 p.m. (by invitation and reservation only)

Introduction: Dr. Tina Simon / publicist / Leipzig

Musical accompaniment: Mayjia Gille (vocals) and Timm Völker (guitar) / both Leipzig

01097 Dresden, Obergraben 10, in the Neustadt Baroque Quarter Dresden

VIP preview only possible with limited number of participants. We therefore ask you for binding registration for the evening by e-mail ( or by phone (0174 70 76 415)!

Gudrun Petersdorff stands, lives - and paints! - in the here and now. In parks, gardens, in the streets of towns and villages, in front of the shoe rack, on the vegetable patch and in the patisserie. And especially by the sea. Her plein air drawings become paintings: strong, fresh and bright, she interprets the colours and combines them to create warmth, depth and closeness, makes them vibrate, glow or sleep and knows exactly when the sea should be purple or the clouds red, the mountains violet and the trees orange. Just as she wanders through the colours, she also wanders through the shapes. High heels, flowers, hills and cakes unfold a characterful life of their own as shapes in the Petersdorff ductus. Everything - fashion, food and flora - is translated into joie de vivre. This is not trivial - but a clever and rare plea to celebrate the formal existence of things.

In Gudrun Petersdorff's work, the reduction to form and colour can be read as reconciliation; as the liberation of things from expectation, metaphor and value compulsion. These are paintings without any appeal to reference or context. She thus also paints a longing for unspoilt, perfect simplicity - a strong decision. The compliments to the beauty of the everyday environment that have become images are unique in this consistency, even if the artist modestly justifies it: "Sometimes I would like to paint an ugly picture ... but I can't."

Author: Dr. Tina Simon, publicist, Leipzig, 2023

Art year 2024 Annual planning for FLOX Gallery

The Art Year"2024 is upon us and, as usual, you will find an overview of the planned exhibitions in Dresden and the planned national and international art fair appearances here. All subject to changes and the approval of our applications to the art fairs. We look forward to your visit!