carnival iof colours

carnival of colours - on the trail of change / painting, graphic, papercut

"Soft opening" / First day 21 January 2023 / from 11:00 a.m.

Guided tour and interview at the beginning and every full hour, artist present!

Last day 11 March 2023 / from 11:00 a.m.

The artist is concerned with nature, its laws and the relationship between a human and an environment. Although a human does not appear as an image in her works, the human´s traces leaving behind in nature do play a role. "For me, nature is a place of originality and essential for our existence. My closeness to nature becomes recognisable in my art. They are inner pictures in which man remains perceptible as a distanced observer." In her motifs, Anett Münnich draws on what she remembers. A motif is never directly or immediately tied to a real place or depicts it pictorially. It is fragments of experiences, observations, memories and emotions from which the artist develops her motifs. Her approach is to observe, to fathom, to capture: "For me it's about openness and perception, about respect and tolerance, about allowing and letting go, and also about keeping dreaming." She develops her landscape scenarios from a tightly interwoven network of lines and surfaces, abstracts with unusual colour combinations and skilfully directs the viewer's eyes through vividly interwoven lines and surfaces into what is behind, into what is after. Everything changes, nothing remains as it was. Even the change becomes changeable. The seemingly beautiful idyll in her works is deceptive, trees topple, foliage withers, each pictorial story shows a moving coming into being and passing away. Anett Münnich varies and combines artistic techniques and thus leaves as much freedom as possible to the creative process.

© Anett Münnich, January 2021