WOHLFARTH tina - Solo exhibition

„subcutan" 51th special exhibition / WOHLFARTH tina (graphic, painting, installation)

VIP-Preview: Friday July 01, 2022 / 8:00 p.m. (by invitation and pre-registration only)

Introductions: Dr. Tina Simon / Publicist / Dresden

Music: Florian Mayer / Dresden / Violin improvisation

01097 Dresden, Obergraben 10, in the Neustadt Baroque Quarter Dresden

VIP preview only with limited number of participants possible. We therefore ask you for binding registration for the evening by e-mail (info@galerie-flox.de) or by phone (0174 70 76 415)!

Images of people - Tina Wohlfarth has taught herself very old, pictorial craft techniques for this, which she masters to a perfection that astonishes. They are traditional printing techniques that begin to speak under the artist's hand and collaborate on the essence of the figure - subcutaneously.

Mezzotint, aquatint, drypoint and cyanotype, all power- and time-consuming and very sensitive processes, are taken to extremes and combined in a meaningful way by Tina Wohlfarth. Applied to handmade paper, they allow for different moods and almost haptic representations ranging from soft brocade fabric in luxuriant drapery to sun-tanned skin. The printmaking is then joined by the third dimension: the sublimity created by fine, raised paper cuts and deep embossing. Each work is unique, a small sensation.

This is how graphic-sculptural border crossers are created - and this is also how images of people are created, multi-layered, contradictory in their characteristics and yet harmonious as a whole, looking into the depths of the being - subcutaneous - almost subversive, right under the skin.

Künstler*innen der Galerie & Gäste -Gruppenausstellung

„portfolio 22/II" Group-Exhibition national/international (painting, graphic, sculpture, object, installation)

AVRAM anamaria (RO) • CHRISTOPH kathrin (DE) • DEPARADE henri (DE) • DEPARADE-BECKER steffi (DE) • DIEDERICHS jörn (DE) • GEYER thomas (DE) • GILLE sighard (DE) • GLINEUR francois (FR) • INNETE mame (DE) • KALLWEIT nando (DE) • KALLWEIT annett (DE) • LIEFFERTZ detlef (DE) • LIEHR philipp (DE) • LEE hyunjoung (KR) • MARS anan (DE) • MÜNNICH anett (DE) • POPELLA stephan (DE) • PORCU sandro (IT) • REIMANN thomas (DE) • RESTREPO juan miguel (CO) • SCHULZE andre (DE) • STAUDINGER oskar (DE) • SWYSEN mark (BE) • TIEPELMANN johannes (DE) • TORRANO ainara (ES) • WEINIG roman (DE) • WOHLFARTH tina (DE) • ZAKHAROV g. alexander (RU)

Vernissage "soft opening" / Friday 20. May / 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Last day / Saturday 25 Juni / from 11:00 a.m.

01097 Dresden, Obergraben 10 , im Neustädter Barockviertel Dresden