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CHRISTOPH kathrin (DE) - GEYER thomas (DE) - KALLWEIT nando (DE) - LEE hyunjoung (KR) - INNETE mame (DE) - PORCU sandro (IT) - WOHLFARTH tina (DE)

Sitiuation caused by COVID-19

From 02 the gallery in Dresden will be open during its regular opening hours in every THU, FRI, SAT and by appointment. When visiting the gallery, we kindly ask you to observe the rules of hygiene valid in the Free State of Saxony, in your own interest and that of other visitors. We will also guarantee the prescribed measures.

Unfortunately, the show depot in Kirschau will be closed until further notice!

We now look forward to your visit and wish you, your families, friends, neighbours and colleagues strength, optimism and health for the time ahead.

Yours Karl Dominick & Hellfried Christoph

Artist of the gallery & guests - Group exhibition

„portfolio 20/IV" Group exhibition national/international (painting, graphics, skulptures, objects, installations)

AVRAM anamaria (RO) • BOSCH jacob (DE) • CHRISTOPH kathrin (DE) • DEKERN (DE) • DEPARADE henri (DE) • DEPARADE-BECKER steffi (DE) • DIEDERICHS jörn (DE) • GÄBLER karen (DE) • GEYER thomas (DE) • GILLE sighard (DE) • GLÖSS tom (DE) • IMWIEHE andrea (DE) • INNETE mame (DE) • JURK k. nina (DE) • KALLWEIT nando (DE) • KALLWEIT annett (DE) • LEE hyunjoung (KR) • LEWIS steve (US) • MILEQS devin (DE) • POPELLA stephan (DE) • PORCU sandro (IT) • REISTPERGER otto (AT) • SWYSEN mark (BE) • TIEPELMANN johannes (DE) • VOERKEL hendrik (DE) • WEINIG roman (DE) • WOHLFARTH tina (DE) • ZAKHAROV g. alexander (DE/RU) • ZÖFFZIG robin (DE)

Firts day: Wednesday 21 October / as of 01:00 p.m. / without vernissage

01097 Dresden, Obergraben 10 , in the Neustädter Barockviertel Dresden

GILLE sighard "SCHWINDEN" - Painting

Sighard Gille is a guest of the Kunstverein Borken e.V. with his solo exhibition - there at the FARB Forum Altes Rathaus Borken. Under the title "SCHWINDEN" he presents paintings from several epochs of his creative work, among others the illustrated work (detail) SCHWINDEN I 2013 I egg tempera, oil on canvas I 231x260 cm.



We support the exhibition project "Ortsgespräche" on the initiative of the donation of the Hoffmann Collection / Dresden State Art Collection and in cooperation with the Kunstinitative Im Friese e.V. Kirschau in the show depot of the Art Factory FLOX in Kirschau. On display is the floor sculpture "Untitled" (Placebo -Landscape - for Roni / 1993), consisting of 544 kg of sweets, according to Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1957-1996). The artists of the gallery CHRISTOPH kathrin (DE) and PORCU sandro (IT) present their works in context as part of the project.

Vernissage SUN 18 Oct / 4 p.m.

WOHLFARTH tina "Head skin" - Mezzotint

Tina Wohlfarth is a guest at the Art association of the city of Glauchau art gluchowe e.V. with her solo exhibition this year. Under the title "KopfHaut" (Head Skin) she will present exclusively her mezzoconto works, including the illustrated work OPHELIA 1/7 I 2020 I Mezzotinto and paper cut I 130x90 cm.


AVRAM anamaria - Solo Exhibition

„roles & places" 40. Special exhibition / AVRAM anamaria (painting, installation)

VIP-Preview: step one Friday 11 September 2020 / at 8.00 pm (by invitation only)

                      step two Saturday 12 September 2020 / at 8.00 pm (by invitation only)

Introduction / Interview: Dr. Tina Simon / Publicist / Leipzig

Dance-Performance / Members of the Landesbühne Sachsen

01097 Dresden, Obergraben 10 , in the Baroque Quarter of Dresden Neustadt

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"Times change" or "He who changes nothing changes nothing" or "Adaptation is the principle of survival par excellence"

We are pleased to be able to offer you in Septmeber 2020 art comfortably - simply - fast in the gallery FLOX own shop. Works of artists of the gallery and guests will be presented in different media, styles and themes. Preferably you will receive works of art up to a maximum of 1000 EUR via Kunstkauf Online.

Look forward with us to this "new era" and your first online art purchase at FLOX!


FAIR AAF Hamburg - planned date was November 12-15, 2020, has been postponed to 2021 by the organizer due to CORONA uncertainties - we are looking forward to next year!

AVRAM anamaria (RUM) - CHRISTOPH kathrin (DE) - KALLWEIT nando (DE) - LEE hyunjoung (KOR) - PORCU sandro (ITA) - REITSPERGER otto (AUT)