Kings chic in Ahrenshoop again


At the "cradle" of sculptor Nando KALLWEIT's artistic career, the striking group of kings has stood in front of THE GARND Hotel in Ahrenshoop for over 10 years. The wind and weather of the Baltic Sea have left their mark over time. The surface of the robust oak sculptures has been given a new color treatment, making them "fresh" again. All the more reason to visit this beautiful place and take a "KALLWEIT" to yourself. Take a look around the store on our homepage - you're sure to find something for you or simply call us with your requirements! We are looking forward to it!

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Long Night of Galleries & Museums 2024


Experience art in compact form, marvel together, talk about it! We cordially invite you to the LONG NIGHT OF GALLERIES & MUSEUMS in Dresden's Baroque Quarter. The opportunity to take a leisurely stroll through the galleries, meet old and new masters, friends and artists and raise a glass to art.

The FLOX Gallery will be presenting a solo show entitled "Wanderin der Weite" (Wanderer of the Vastness) featuring paintings by JURK k. nina, an artist who was born in Dresden and lives and works in Leipzig. Many new works will be presented, to be seen in public for the first time. And for connoisseurs, it will undoubtedly be visible - a homage to the "art jubilarian" of 2024 - Casper David Friedrich.

And for "connoisseurs" and "newcomers" to the fine arts - don't worry, you don't have to want to understand anything, rather look and let things work on you, be free to make discoveries. We think it's worth it! After a hopefully successful week that is almost over, we look forward to your visit to this popular, relaxed format.

18:00 Start / Guided tours by the gallery team every hour on the hour / End 24:00 !

JURK k. nina - Soloshow - Wanderin der Weite - painting


VIP-Preview  FRI 07 June 2024 / 8:00 pm

VIP-Preview nur auf Einladung und mit begrenzter Anzahl Teilnehmer möglich. Wir bitte Sie daher um verbindliche Anmeldung für den Abend per E-Mail ( oder per Tel. (0174 70 76 415)!

Einführung: Dr. Tina Simon / Publizistin / Leipzig

Musikalische Umrahmung: Georg Wieland Wagner (Marimbaphon) · Dresden

LANGE NACHT der GALERIEN & MUSEEN am DO 20. Juni 24 ab 18:00 Uhr

Last day SO 14. Juli 2024 / ab 11:00 Uhr Matinee mit Künstlergespräch und Vorstellung des Ausstellungskataloges  ab 11:00 Uhr

Galerie FLOX - Obergraben 10 - 01097 Dresden / im Neustädter Barockviertel


Kann man Weite malen, ohne einen breiten Horizontstreifen auf ein Querformat zu dehnen? Bei Nina K. Jurk ist Weite ein Zustand, in den man sich hineinbegeben kann, den sie sich auf langen Wegen erwandert. Von unterwegs, aus der Weite heraus, berichtet sie malerisch in unerhörter Farbsprache; realistisch, phantastisch, paradox.

Streifzüge durch die Sächsische Schweiz, eine Alpenüberquerung zu Fuß oder auch nur der gelaufene Weg ins Atelier schenken der Künstlerin Beobachtungen, die zur sinnlichen Manifestation werden: in Ölfarbe auf kleinen bis sehr großen Leinwänden.

Dabei kommt sie völlig ohne das Nacherzählen von Umgebung aus und ohne Indizien zur Verortung der Bilder, denn ihre Weite entsteht, wenn sich die äußere Umgebung mit der inneren Verfassung zu einer Stimmung verbindet. Dafür hat Nina K. Jurk eine einzigartige, radikale malerische Sprachform entwickelt, die die traditionell weite Landschaft in eine vertiefende Raumerfahrung überträgt.

Autorin: Dr. Tina Simon, Publizistin, Leipzig, April 2024

echo chamber

echo chamber / painting & object - Experimental, small exhibition format in the gallery's cabinet

"Soft opening" / first day 06 April / from 11:00 am

from 1.00 p.m. and every hour on the hour guided tour through the exhibition - the artists will be present!

Exhibition until SAZ 01 Juni 2024 open

GUSKE antje & GROETSCHEL thorsten (beide DE) – "echo chamber" - object & painting

Gallery FLOX - Obergraben 10 - 01097 Dresden / in the Neustadt baroque quarter

The world in snapshots: With abstract objects and photorealistic images, the two Dresden artists create sensually tangible views of the world.

In the "echo chambee" exhibition, the artist duo are showing their work together for the first time at FLOX: a congenial interplay of form, colour and meaning. On display are large-format objects made of wood, the surface of which Antje Guske works on with acrylics and pastel pigments, and in some cases sculpturally. Thorsten Groetschel is showing works (oil on canvas) from his most recent oeuvre.

There are things that we know that are so commonplace that we hardly notice them consciously: for example, the geometrically arranged roofs of a factory that look like a series of triangles, or the roof covered with old shingles, the high factory chimney with unplastered brickwork that is precisely structured, rivers, sunsets, mountains... All of this is there - but it often escapes our perception.

With her objects, the artist Antje Guske (*1978 in Dresden) creates abstract, modular images of these things and transfers them - in a freely chosen arrangement - into enclosed spaces, such as those of a gallery. In this way, she enables the viewer to enter her world and be completely surrounded by it. A world that can be experienced with all the senses. The artist shows where she focusses her own perception. She draws attention to fine details, to the often overlooked beauty in the everyday. For the viewer, this results in new perspectives on the world and inspiration for other ways of seeing.

lThorsten Groetschel (*1975 in Karlsruhe) also invites the viewer to become a conscious observer of his surroundings with his work. In his photorealistic paintings, he captures the unique moment in the present. There is the view of the play of clouds in the summer sky, the part of a house façade, the former school path, a car parked in front of the house. Nevertheless, Thorsten Groetschel's paintings are not a realistic depiction of reality. What he shows are moments, fragments of memories of his own life and experiences, which are of importance to the artist, quite subjectively, and can also evoke memories and associations in the viewer - albeit different ones. His pictures are emotionally charged by the choice of colours and the skilful interplay of light and shadow. In addition, there are equally poetic and irritating interference fields, such as splashes of colour, which are reminiscent of the artistic process on another level of perception. Typical of the artist's work is the oscillation between close-up and distant effects with very different visual experiences. The close-up view of the images, which appear photorealistic from a distance, reveals exciting relief effects or colour structures.


SCHWEIGER detlef - "crossover" Lavuren Lineamente Etchings

Vernissage FRI 26 April 2024 / on 8:00 pm

& sound performance "LavOhr" BALOG (SARDH , Dresden)

Midissage SUN 26 May 2024 / at 3:00 pm

& artist talk & elektronic soundscapes WORMSINE (SARDH, Dresden)

Exhibition open until 23 June 2024 every SUN from 2:00 bis 6:00 pm

Art Factory FLOX - Friesestraße 31 - 02681 Kirschau


Art year 2024 Annual planning for FLOX Gallery

We will be there for you before the turn of the year on 29 & 30 December 2023 and after the turn of the year from 4 January 2024 during our regular opening hours. For enquiries, please use the hotline on 0174 70 76 415.

HAPPY & HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a good transition into the 24th year.

NEW YEAR'S EVENT on 13 January 2024 from 1:00 pm

The "art year" 2024 is upon us and, as usual, you will find an overview of the planned exhibitions in Dresden and the planned national and international trade fair appearances here. All subject to changes and the admission of our applications to the art fairs. We look forward to your visit!