Sitiuation caused by COVID-19

Please be advised, because of the momentarily sitiuation caused by the pandemic COVID-19 virus:

The gallery in Dresden and the show depot in Kirschau are closed to the public until further notice. For your convenience, our exhibitions and artworks are shown on this side. Please contact us by phone and/or email with any questions you may have. Visits are only possible according by individual arrangement.

Art reflects, adopts attitudes, sensitizes and often brings the "beautiful" into everyday life, especially now! We wish you, your families, friends, neighbours and colleagues strength, optimism and health for the time ahead.

Yours Karl Dominick & Hellfried Christoph

GLOESS tom Changeable Interspaces

Postponed! The new date soon!

GLOESS tom - "Changeable Interpaces" paintings - grafic - scultures - installation

Art Factory FLOX - Friesestrasse 31 - 02681 Kirschau

LUST erika - Solo Exhibition

„flores y mujeres - (the world is fucked - make the best of it)" 39. Special exhibition / LUST erika (painting, drawing, installation)

VIP-Preview: / Friday, 21 February 2020 at 8.00 pm (by invitation only)

Introduction / Interview: Dr. Tina Simon / Publicist / Leipzig

Performance / Reading Presentation: Cornelia Grotsch / Actor / Freiberg

Music: Tino Zetzsche / Guitar / Dresden

01097 Dresden, Obergraben 10 , in the Baroque Quarter of Dresden Neustadt


Fair AAF Brussels 10 - 13 September 2020


3. FLOX ART TOUR / 02 Mai 2020