Long Night of Galleries & Museums 2023


We cordially invite you and your companions to an encounter with contemporary art. Framed in the traditional action "LANGE NACHT der GALERIEN & MUSEEN" in the baroque quarter of Dresden's Neustadt, we would like to draw your attention especially to the cabinet exhibition "im fokus", in which works by the now Stralsund artist ROSINSKI anne will be shown. The artist has been represented at the FLOX Gallery since its foundation in 2013,  with a small interruption. Rather "quiet" and sensitive works will be presented. The execution is mainly done with graphite on papers and is accentuated very very sparingly with other materials.

And for "connoisseurs" as well as "newcomers" to the visual arts - don't worry, you don't have to want to understand anything, rather look and let things take effect on you, be free for discoveries. We think it's worth it! After a hopefully successful week that is almost over, we look forward to your visit to this popular, relaxed format.

6:00 p.m. Start / guided tours by the gallery team / every hour reading "das leine schwarze" poems as well as short stories by and with FREY solvig & STAUDINGER oskar / drinks are available / end 12:00 p.m. !

artfair VOLTA Basel

artfair VOLTA Basel - 12 - 18 June 2023 - We look forward to your visit/ booth A11!

Link to the VOLTA Basel

artists 2023 - AVRAM anamaria (RO) / painting - CHRISTOPH kathrin (DE) / collage, graphic - GEYER thomas (DE) / painting - LEE hyunjoung (KR) / drawing, graphic - PORCU sandro (IT) / sculpture,  graphic

muse I AVRAM anamaria I 2022 I painting I oil on canvas I 70x50cm

aqua fragile 1 I CHRISTOPH kathrin I 2021 I collage I decalcomanie I 100x100cm

o.t. 2 I GEYER thomas I 2023 I painting I egg tempera on canvas I 60x45cm

contemplation 3 I LEE hyunjoung I 2021 I drawing I ink on Hanji I 65x50cm

the thinker I 2023 I PORCU sandro I sculptureI bronze on limestone I edition 99 I 26x10x10cm

in focus

in focus / graphic, collage, papercut

"Soft opening" / First day 06 May 2023 / from 11:00 a.m.

Guided tour at the beginning and every full hour!

Last day 24 June 2023 / from 11:00 a.m.

The current focus of my work is on feeling, describing and showing the surfaces of emotional landscapes. The extension of the theme through the landscape itself to the graphic elaboration of structures can be understood as a reflection of emotional inner spaces. At the moment, I am interested in the playful exploration of the material graphite and the use of paper as a source of light. Thus my attention is no longer directed towards emotional loss, but more and more towards the fascination of emotional fullness. My own involvement with my first art action in public space in 2017 - the "wunschbüro" - was and is formative here.

© Anne Rosinski, 2021