AVRAM anamaria - Solo Exhibition

„roles & places" 40. Special exhibition / AVRAM anamaria (painting, installation)

VIP-Preview: step one Friday 11 September 2020 / at 8.00 pm (by invitation only)

                      step two Saturday 12 September 2020 / at 8.00 pm (by invitation only)

Introduction / Interview: Dr. Tina Simon / Publicist / Leipzig

Dance-Performance / Members of the Landesbühne Sachsen

01097 Dresden, Obergraben 10 , in the Baroque Quarter of Dresden Neustadt

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Fair AAF Hamburg - planned date 10-13 November 2020 - application by team of curators positively evaluated - accepted!

AVRAM anamaria (RUM) - CHRISTOPH kathrin (DE) - KALLWEIT nando (DE) - LEE hyunjoung (KOR) - PORCU sandro (ITA) - REITSPERGER otto (AUT)