together with our Art-Partner・ the Volksbank Dresden-Bautzen eG, we cordially invite you and your company to an encounter with contemporary art. In this year's Art Autumn, in the rooms of the branch of the in Bautzen, we would like to show a quite versatile group exhibition - illuminate the theme of "" from several perspectives. We look forward to your visit, a light-hearted art Thursday evening and lively exchange of ideas about experienced and seen!

"" 6th special exhibition in cooperation with Volksbank Dresden.Bautzen eG

CHRISTOPH kathrin (Kirschau)・DIEDERICHS jörn (Dresden)・FIEDLER sandro (Kirschau)・GLINEUR francois (Amiens)・FAULHABER valentin maria (Dresden)・GILLE sighard (Leipzig)・HOFER norbert ✞ (Neugersdorf)・MARS anna (Berlin)・PORCU sandro (Kirschau)・POLLAK jens (Kirschau)・POPELLA stephan (Dresden)・REIMANN thomas (Dresden)・RESTREPO juan (Dresden)・SEIDELMANN horst (Bautzen)・STAUDINGER oskar (Dresden)・ZÖFFZIG robin (Leipzig)

Vernissage: Thursday 05. May 2022 / 19:30 (Admission from 19:00).

Welcome: Mr. Thomas Müller / Board of Directors Volksbank Dresden-Bautzen eG

Music: Deep-House, Electro, Main with DJ Halbsteiv (Kirschau)

Laudation: Hellfried Christoph / Gallery FLOX (Kirschau/Dresden)

02625 Bautzen, Goschwitzstraße 25, Main branch Bautzen


GEYER thomas & SWYSEN mark - douple show

„througt the eyes of . . ." 52nd special exhibition / GEYER thomas (painting) & SWYSEN mark (light objects)

VIP-Preview: Friday 30 September 2022 / 8 p.m. (only on invitation)

Introductions/Interviews: Sonja Lucia Gatterwe / Freelance Curator / Leipzig & Hellfried Christoph / Gallery FLOX / Dresden

Musical setting: Silvio Schneider / Radebeul / guitar / an improvisational dialogue

01097 Dresden, Obergraben 10, im Neustädter Barockviertel Dresden

VIP preview only possible with a limited number of participants. We therefore ask you for binding registration for the evening by e-mail ( or by phone (0174 70 76 415)!

It is with extraordinary pleasure that we present works by the Leipzig painter Thomas Geyer and light objects by Mark Swysen from Antwerp to kick off this year's "Kunstherbst". Both are presenting themselves to the public for a second time at FLOX, but for the first time together in a double show and in this dialogical context. Both artists have worked intensively on this exhibition and will be showing almost exclusively their latest works, so it will be an exhibition of "premieres", so to speak.

through the eyes of . . . - Thomas Geyer - On a balmy summer evening, somewhere directly between sunset and twilight, we lean on windows, enjoy the view and breathe in the exuberant atmosphere of the past day. In the exhibition, the artist takes us to summery places, between evergreen backyards and rural natural idylls. In doing so, he provides an intimate view without revealing who is behind his perception: are we looking through the eyes of a house cat prancing from a balcony railing? Or are we a leaf on a tree, winding down its remaining existence until the approaching autumn with a view of the lake? Or perhaps we are a sun-warmed house wall silently watching over the landscape. Between peaceful natural spectacle and backyard romance, we find ourselves in Geyer's art in hidden oases at a symbiotic meeting point of city and country. Mysteriously, the artist asks us who we want to be and allows us to narrate our own realities in his living spaces.

through the eyes of . . . - Mark Swysen - The artist questions the thought patterns of the human brain and the sociological dynamics of human coexistence from different perspectives. Psychology, genetics, sociology, religion, history and philosophy are his sources of inspiration. Mark Swysen refers to the art philosopher Arthur Danto: "Art is an embodied sense" and a work of art is like "a waking dream that can be shared with others". For the artist's visual language, any technology, material, phenomenon or object can be considered an instrument. In his artistic work, the artist detaches everyday objects from their usual context and charges them with new levels of meaning. Light, movement and sound are among his preferred media due to their subcutaneous influence. The result of his deconstruction and montage questions the one-dimensionality of our perception and opens up new possibilities of interpretation.



wertvoll wie . . .

wertvoll wie . . . / Colour Drawings & Poems

Vernissage as "soft opening" / First day: Sunday 21 August 2022 / from 2 p.m.

Musical accompaniment: Moriana Krause / Dresden / flute

Last day: Saturday 24. September 2022 / from 11 a.m.