PORCU sandro


Sandro Porcu - speculations from a tragic-comic perspective

Sandro Porcu presents the world with a humorous mirror in his figurative oeuvre. In the context of the current art market, he wants to question the status of things and their constitutive function. Everyday scenes are particularly suitable here. His modified plastic imitations take a clear position in the sense of a 'new realism'.
Curator Christian Gracza characterized Porcu with all his playful 'options' as a manipulator - an artist who is presented with the result of his works as a transformation in the viewer. Porcu speculates in his works on the voluntary devotion of the recipients and their will to expand their own perspective.
Some works bear the industrial charm of ready-made products. However, these works only underline their own commodity character and refer to their manipulation by the artist on closer inspection.

© based on the text by Katrin D. Herold M.A. Berlin, June 2014

1966 born in Caltanissetta, Italy, lives and works in Kirschau (Upper Lusatia)
since 2013 Cooperation with the gallery FLOX
2010 Art sponsorship award, art grant Munich
2009 Laureate, Via Regia Sculptura Görlitz
since 2011 Working grant Bautzen
2010 Residency Scholarship, Közelítés Art Association, Pécs (Hungary)
2010 Residency Scholarship, Christoph Merian Foundation, Basel (Switzerland)
2011 Teaching position as artistic workshop leader at the Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz
2006-2007 Assistant at Darren Almond Project "Terminus“
2005-2007 Evening Academy, Academy for Graphics and Book Art (HGB), Leipzig
1996-2011 Studio in the Leipzig Cotton Spinning Mill / Baumwollspinnerei
since 1990 freelance artist
1982-1984 Training as carbody designer
Exhibitions (Solo and Group), Fairs
2018/2019 Kölner Liste
DAF Frankfurt
Affordable Art Fair Hamburg
2017 Berliner Liste
Art International Zürich / Schweiz
Affordable Art Fair Hamburg
ART Düsseldorf
ARTMUC München
ART Innsbruck
2016 Affordable Art Fair Hamburg
2015 Berliner Liste
Kölner Liste
ART Innsbruck
2014 KIAF/14 – The 13th Korea International Art Fair / Seoul
2016 "MOMENTUM" - Klosterkirche- und Sakralmuseum St. Annen / Kamenz
2015 "JUSTUS" - Klosterkirche- und Sakralmuseum St. Annen / Kamenz
2014 "HEAD UP" - Galerie Potemka, Leipzig
2013 "VARIOUS" - Volksbank Bautzen
2012 "DROP CATCHER" - Spinnerei archiv massiv, Leipzig
2011 "WORK SHOW EXHIBITION (1990 until 2011)" - FLOXfactory, Kirschau
2009 "HOT SHOT" - Galerie Sabine Salome Schwefel, Stuttgart
2009 "BUBBLE GUM" - Werkbank, Lana (IT)
2008 "MIO PAPERDRE" - Komet Berlin Galerie, Berlin
2007 "INTERMISSION" - Spinnerei archiv massiv, Leipzig
2005 "OPTIONS" - Spinnerei archiv massiv, Leipzig
2019 "KUNSTSPORTWEG / ART SPORTS TRAIL" - Museum Lotzwil, Lotzwil CH
2019 "AM RANDE DER GESELLSCHAFT / ON THE EDGE OF SOCIETY" - Stadtmuseum / Museum of the town, Bautzen
2019 "OPERATING SYSTEM TERROR" - Kraftwerk Mitte, Dresden
2019 "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" - Galerie Flox, Dresden
2018 "RELATIONS" - Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig
2018 "VERSTECKTE WAHRHEITEN / HIDDEN TRUTHS" - Galerie ArtMonopol, Salzburg