Sighard Gille - restless

Sighard Gille is one of the leading Leipzig artists who, since the 1970s, have shaped Leipzig painting with their independent and impressive pictorial language. He is a sensitive, ironic commentator of everyday situations and social developments, in which the painterly is in the foreground. Gille achieved great fame through the monumental ceiling design in the foyer of the Leipzig Gewandhaus and is therefore not only known to art connoisseurs. In 1980/81 he realised the 714 square metre mural "Song of Life", the largest ceiling painting in Europe.

© Uwe M. Schneede (excerpt from the introduction to the catalogue of paintings, 2016)

GILLE sighard

GILLE sighard

1941 born in Eilenburg, Gille is married to the art historian Dr. Ina Gille, he lives and works in Leipzig
since 2018 Cooperation with the gallery FLOX
2016/2017 comprehensive personal exhibition in the "Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig", register of works with complete catalogue of paintings from 1962-2015
2010 register of print works from 1966-2010
2008 Daniel Kehlmann: „Berholms Vorstellung"

With twelve coloured vignettes and four original lithographs by Sighard Gille.
Published by Faber & Faber Leipzig 2008 in the series "Die Graphische Bücher Erstlingswerke deutscher Autoren des 20. Jahhunderts Band 33".
2007 "Painter's Models / Malermodelle"
pinholecamera photography
Text T.O. Immish
Sighard Gille, Leipzig,
2004 "Don Quixote" appears at edition Faber & Faber, Leipzig with coloured illustrations
1997 Sighard Gille: WHITE NEW YORK. Pinhole Camera Photo
With a text by Peter Gosse
edition Passage-Verlag Leipzig, 1997
1992 Sighard Gille: pinholecamera.
Pinhole camera photo edxition
1982 Biennale de Venezia
1988 Biennale de Venezia
2006 emeritus professor at the HGB Leipzig
1992 Appointment as Professor of Painting at the HGB Leipzig with his own specialist class, involved in the training of the "New Leipzig School"
1979-1981 Work on the 740 sqm large ceiling painting " Song of Life / Gesang vom Leben" in the "Neuen Gewandhaus Leipzig".
1973-1976 Master student at the Academy of Arts Berlin under Professor Bernhard Heisig, then six-week study trip through the Soviet Union
1965-1970 Studied painting at the "Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig" under the professors Bernhard Heisig, Wolfgang Mattheuer, Werner Tübke, Hans Mayer-Foreyt
until 1965 Abitur, two semesters of agricultural studies at the Humboldt-University of Berlin, work in various Leipzig companies, especially in the photographic industry, acquires the skilled worker's certificate for portrait photography
Exhibitions (Solo and Group), Fairs, Collections
since 1971 Gilles' works are in collections of Städtischen Museen Altenburg, Berlin, Halle, Schwerin, Frankfurt/Oder, der Sammlung Ludwig in Bejing, Budapest, Vienna, Petersburg and in many other private and public collections.
Art Fairs Cologne, Basel und Karlsruhe