so animal, so cute and so sugary / WEILE r. poul (object, installation, painting, graphic)

03 February - 07 April 2018

Under the title "beastly cute and sooo sugar sweet" we present installations, objects, sculptures, paintings and graphics by the artist Poul R. Weile, born in 1954 in Nyborg (Denmark) and living in Berlin since 2008. The artist breaks classical conventions and boundaries between genres. His diverse work includes sculpture, sculpture, drawing, graphic art, photography, painting, installation, happening, performance and video art. Completely unbiased, he mixes these different forms of expression within his work. He brings everyday objects, kitsch and elements from his private life into his art, thus creating completely new perspectives for the recipient. His strength is his diversity, his spontaneity and unconventionality. He paints and sketches in a very classical way, creates sculptures, experiments with multimedia, assembles things into objects and installations, performs and thus often achieves unusual, exciting, interdisciplinary work results. Poul R. Weile is internationally renowned and has been working in the art business for over 35 years. In Denmark he is represented with numerous large sculptures in public space, as well as in several museums and collections in Scandinavia. He studied at the Academy of Art in Odense, Denmark from 1979-1985 and can point to exhibitions in Berlin, Salzburg, Linz, Odense, Copenhagen, Krakow, Moscow, Beijing and many other places. In Dresden, a complete exhibition of various works from the last few years will be on show, but these must be interpreted as independent works by the artist. Are they cute? Are they so animal? Are they even sugar-sweet? Is it art or kitsch? Is it serious? Is it just a joke? The artist leaves it up to the visitors to judge...

Performance:Poul R. Weile + Artist interview: Nandja Kruse / Zittau + musical accompaniment:  Günter Heinz / trombone / Freiberg