Tina Wohlfarth - exaggerated realism

The mezzotint work is my most important approach in printmaking. I‘m a representational artist. Humans, either specific or anonymous take in my work center stage and are often represented as monochromatic portraits. I depict contemporary situations sometimes including alienating and distressing motifs. The viewers often are first attracted by the aesthetic qualities. Afterwards the details and deeper meaning of the piece become clear. It is not just for the sake of aesthetics, but about the second look at the sometimes disturbing moment behind it and also about the search for meaning. I also appreciate is the illusion of being transparent and the character of an X-ray image. In addition to the mezzotint I insert a new image plane by embossing and cutting the paper. The goal is a new aesthetic and spatial dimension, in which color is created where there is no physical one - through light and shadow only.

© Tina Wohlfarth, Dresden, September 2021

1978 born in Saalfeld, lives and works in Dresden
since 2019 Cooperation with the gallery FLOX
2019 Juror Award und Takach Press Award der 12th Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition 2019
2018 Gold Prize der International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2018 ROC, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
2018 Gold Prize der International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2018 ROC, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
2018 International Graphic Triennial Frechen: Audience Award
2015 Konstlitografiska Verkstaden Tidaholm/Schweden
Residence scholarship for lithography
2012 Zygote Press Cleveland/USA, Residence Scholarship for Printmaking, guest lecture in the field of Printmaking: Cleveland Institute of Art, University of Kent, University of Akron/Ohio
  Takatch Press Corp. Collection

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung

Kunstsammlung City of Dresden

Neue Sächsische Galerie Chemnitz
2009-2016 Master class with Prof. Elke Hopfe and Prof. Martin Honert, University of Fine Arts Dresden (parental leave 2010- 2013)
2003-2009 Study of Fine Arts, HfBK Dresden
1998-2001 Studies of Art Education, University of Erfurt
Exhibitions (Solo and Group)
2019 "12th Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition 2019", Center for Contemporary Printmaking , Norwalk, USA
2019 "7th Guanlan International Print Biennial China 2019", China Printmaking Museum, Guanlan, China
2018 "International Graphic Triennial Frechen", Frechen
2018 "International Biennial Print Exhibit: 2018 ROC", National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung
2014 "International Graphic Triennial Frechen", Frechen
2014 "13th Lessedra World Art Print Annual — Mini Print 2014", Lessedra Art Gallery, Sofia
2012 "VIII. International Biennial of Drawing Pilsen 2012", Museum of West Bohemia, Pilsen (CZ)
2019 "ORPHELIA" - Gallery art+form, Dresden
2019 "Sichtfeld/Field of vision", District Savings Bank Nordhausen
2017 "verdichten/summarize", Protestant Academy in Meissen with Else Gold and Heike Wadewitz
2017 "unter vier augen/In private", Saxon State Parliament", Sächsischer Landtag, Dresden, mit Anne Rosinski
2016 "Prints and paintings", ART isotope Galerie Schoeber, Duesseldorf
2014 "Meanwhile", take off Gallery, Duesseldorf
2013 "Realities", Gallery Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz, Dresden
2012 Myers School of Art/ University of Akron, Akron/ Ohio (USA), mit Heike Wadewitz
2012 "Foreign Affairs XV", Zygote Fine Art Press, Cleveland/ Ohio (USA), mit Heike Wadewitz
2018 "Kunst18", 24th Internatiobnal Art Fair, Zurich
2018 "100 Sächsische Graphiken/100 Graphics of Saxony", Neue Sächsische Galerie/ The New Gallery of Saxony, Chemnitz
2016 "Winter 2016", Gallery Sybille Nütt, Dresden, with Annedore Dietze, Katrin Feist , Michael Freudenberg, Max Grand-Montagne, Helene B. Grossmann