transfair / DIEDERICHS jörn (painting) and KALLWEIT nando (sculpture)

15 June - 25 August 2018

The artificial word created for this exhibition is formed associatively from the terms transfer and fairness. It is inevitably charged with their meaning. In keeping with this intention, the two exhibiting artists, the painter Jörn Diederichs, born in Bremen and living in Dresden, and the sculptor Nando Kallweit from Badow near Schwerin, are each pursuing this theme in their own unmistakable way. It is an exhibition of two artists and art styles that could hardly be more different: On the one hand, Jörn Diederichs with his expressionist painting. His rough style and his choice of colours, which corresponds exactly to the theme, unmistakably characterise his signature. The subject of his paintings is the everyday life surrounding him, Dresden scenes, especially those around the annual Christopher Street Day. The results of his work from 2018 will be shown in the exhibition. At the same time, the artist also works with asylum seekers in projects, working with them on artistically experienced and future projects. Thus he is not only a painter and graphic artist, but also a documentarist. He studied at the University of Fine Arts in Dresden and was a master student of Professor Kerbach.

On the other hand, Nando Kallweit is the artistic antithesis. With his bronze sculptures and blackened oak sculptures in his unmistakable classical aesthetic, he provides the exhibition with exactly the tension it needs. An atmosphere is created that triggers associations in the viewer and opens up scope for interpretation. Kallweit is a gifted autodidact and is present worldwide with his own exhibitions and at art fairs, for example in New York, London and Cannes. He has created several works especially for the exhibition in the FLOX Gallery. "Bird's Heads", "Forest Goddesses", "Ladies" and "Family" are shown for the first time in Dresden. With this exhibition a long lasting and successful cooperation between the gallery and the artist continues. What unites the two artists is their North German origin, but above all the representation of groups of people, of the individual in their specific situation, their position in relation to the other, their possible intentions and their actions. At the same time, the artists, each in his own typical style, work on the inner dialogue of their protagonists. This is characterized by constant comparison with the outside, the possible confrontation with the outside, the balance of give and take in a balanced fair way.

Artist interviews: Hellfried Christoph / Dresden + Musical accompaniment: Farhad Toofan / Afghan harmonium and Reza Rezai / drum / booth Dresden