wanderin der weite / JURK k. nina (painting)

07 Juni - 14. July  2024

Is it possible to paint vastness without stretching a broad strip of horizon to a landscape format?

For Nina K. Jurk, vastness is a state into which one can enter, a state she explores on long journeys. On the way, out of the vastness, she paints in an unheard-of language of colour; realistic, fantastic, paradoxical.

Forays through Saxon Switzerland, a crossing of the Alps on foot or even just a walk to the studio provide the artist with observations that become sensual manifestations: in oil paint on small to very large canvases.

In doing so, she manages completely without retelling her surroundings and without any clues to localise the pictures, because their expansiveness arises when the external surroundings combine with the inner state to create a mood. To this end, Nina K. Jurk has developed a unique, radical painterly form of language that translates the traditionally expansive landscape into a deepening spatial experience.

© based on a text by Dr Tina Simon, publicist (Leipzig), April 2024